Seweweekspoort Guest Farm is situated on the farm Bezemfontein. Bezemfontein is  a working farm and is owned and managed by Jaco and Liezel Hunlun.(*)

This 2600 ha farm produces lucern vegetable seeds and bulbs like onions and carrots. We also have sheep and cattle.

Vegetable seed and bulbs are planted from July to October.  Early in September is time of shearing sheep.  The wool is classified and made into bales so that it could be transported easily to P.E. or wool auctions.

From October the Lucerne is cut, raked and made into bales on a regular basis. Harvesting of onion bulbs takes place in December.

Hunlun Family of Bezemfontein
* Hunlun Family Facts
Jaco is one of four Hunlun brothers.
The surname originated from Ireland where it is O’Hanlon.
In the 1800’s Charles Hanlon emigrated to the Cape colonie. He married an Dutch speaking girl and they had 5 kids. The spelling of their surname became a problem (and is still today aswell).
In the Laingsburg Dutch Reformed Church Register that originates since 1883 it was spelled Hanlon but since 1894 it became Hunlun
  Liezel Hunlun  
  Cell: 076 533 9240
Email: hunlunliezel@gmail.com
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Sheep on the farm
Farm produces lucern